"A Note from Dr. Parish"


I want to extend to you my personal welcome. As you look through our website, I hope the information and photos will provide you with somewhat of a glimpse of who and what we are. However, the old adage, A picture is worth a thousand words, can be one upped by the new adage, One visit is worth a thousand words…and pictures!

I have had the honor to serve as the pastor of this congregation for over 20 years. In those years our church, our community, and our congregation has seen many changes. I’ve dedicated, baptized, married, and buried lots of our friends and neighbors during those days. I have great memories of what God has allowed us to accomplish, however, I am 100% sure of this – The greatest days of service and church are still ahead. I welcome you to join us via any number of the ways our church offers. Come see what a visit will do to fulfill the glimpse you can get here on our website.

Please accept my personal invitation to connect with us as we meet together to love, serve, worship and learn.


Dr. Dennis Parish